Adventuring with Children

SKU 9780935701890
Publisher Paradise Cay Publications
ISBN 9780935701890
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Your family can do it! Your family may be novice travelers or seasoned macro-adventurers. You may travel in the United States, Canada or foreign destinations. Your children may be six months old or in their teens. ADVENTURING WITH CHILDREN is the how-to manual your family needs
to escape the pitfalls of travel, and enjoy a safe and rewarding experience. Armed with this book, and the know-how it contains, you can transform your family vacation into an adventure that will engage everyone.
**how to plan and pack for a family adventure; **how to prepare kids for the trip; **surefire ways to keep kits enthusiastic; **how to travel during the school year; **how the world can be a classroom; **first aid and safety precautions; **budgeting and low cost travel solutions; **practical approaches for keeping everyone fed, clean & happy; **plus exciting family destinations; and **tips for making any trip a great adventure! Includes a wealth of practical information on combining domestic and international travel with outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, bicycling, sailing and canoeing.

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