Admiralty Manual of Tides (NP120)

Publisher United Kingdom Hydrographic Office
ISBN 9780707721248
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Admiralty Manual of Tides

In recent years tidal theory has developed very rapidly and methods of analysis and predictions of tides have been improved  to such a degree that the need has arisen for an exposition of these modern developments in a form suitable for instruction as well as general reading. This Manual has therefore been compiled with a view to the exposition of these matters, particularly for the benefit of hydrographic surveyors and naval officers in general. The adoption of the Admiralty method of predicting tides and tidal streams has made the need for such a book even more evident, and the authors of that method were therefore requested to prepare a general Manual, which would be intrmediate in character between books too elementary for service needs and books which are too mathematical for officers with normal attainments and mathematics.

This manual is divisible into four parts:

1) The Theory of Tidal Forces and of Harmonic Methods (Chapters II to IX) ;
2) Practical Problems of Recording, Analysing, and Predicting Tides (Chapters X to XVI) ;
3) The Theory of Tidal Movements in Channels, Seas, and Oceans (Chapters XVII to XXV);
4) The Theory of Special Tidal Phenomena (Chapters XXVI to XXIX) ;

The large subject of ocean currents has not been included, as it would involve many considerations pertaining more to Oceanography than to Tides, and having little bearing on tidal theory, but the more transient phenomena of meteorogical surges has been considered in the Manual.

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