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     The Merchant Marine is composed of all the commercial ships of a country and the personnel that man them. The American Merchant Seaman's Manual has been the primary seamanship text and reference book for the American Merchant Marine for more than sixty years. Merchant mariners going to sea for t...
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    Volume I was updated in 1984. This is the 1984 Update of 1981. Volume II has all the valuable tables and calculations and was published in 1981. So this really is a complete set, as the 1984 is just an update of the 1981.
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    According to Captain Hooyer, forces acting on the ship have an effective lever arm with respect to a hypothetical pivot point. The forces creating or affecting this pivot point include the ship’s motion, underwater resistance, and momentum. The book will be particularly helpful to pilots and ship...
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    One cannot hold this small, delicate, slipcovered book without being impressed by the nearly 200-year unbroken chain of publication that it has enjoyed. It sailed on U.S. merchantmen and Navy ships shortly after the quasi-war with France and during British impressment of merchant seamen that led ...
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