TIMEZERO S-63 ENC Chart Module

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TIMEZERO S-63 ENC Chart Module

The Timezero S-63 ENC Chart Module, which comes as an option for TZ Professional, offers the possibility to request up-to-date S-63 charts for your vessel. The encrypted S-63 charts can help mariners navigate safely while meeting the electronic chart carriage requirements for your next voyage. 

International Standards

The S-63 is a standard set by the International Hydrographic Organization(IHO) requiring the encryption of Electronic Navigation Chart(ENC) information. S-63 charts are encrypted vector marine chart data in the S-57 file format, protecting against data piracy.

The S-63 charts provide an authentication assurance that ENC data loaded onto Electronic Chart Display Information Systems (ECDIS) comes from an approved source. The encrypted vector chart data meets the following IHO standard requirements:

  • S-52 standard on chart content and graphical display, which reduces excessive alarms and ECDIS display anomalies by ensuring the charts appear the same way in all vessels

  • S-57 standard on the file data format under which the charts can be distributed to license owners

  • S-58 standard on ENC validation checks which regulates the quality of distributed charts

Using Timezero S-63 ENC Chart Module to load your S-63 charts can ensure that your TZ Professional software can operate similarly to ECDIS with ENC- and ECDIS-related data.

Key Features

Up-To-Date Electronic Navigation Charts(ENCs)

SOLAS Chapter 5 requires that nautical charts and publications be up to date. Unlocking the 'ENC Encrypted Module' on your Timezero Navigation Software allows you to easily load and manage S-63 permits, keeping track of license expiry dates.

Additionally, you can receive weekly updates of NOAA chart editions, ensuring that you have access to complete and up-to-date data for your upcoming voyage.

Enhanced Module Compatibility

Timezero S-63 ENC Chart Module comes as an optional integration for TZ Professional navigation software. Increased compatibility with other modules for your navigation can provide information overlay necessary for safe navigation. You can plan for your trip effectively through a combination of supporting modules.

Carriage Compliant ENCs

Timezero S-63 ENC Chart Module meets the latest data protection standards set by the IHO. Reduce the risk of data piracy while streamlining the local inspection processes. Timezero S-63 chart module satisfies the set chart carriage requirements of SOLAS.

Benefits of Using S-63 Charts

  • S-63 charts are encrypted, guaranteeing that the data received is correct and meets the International Hydrographic Organization and International Marine Organization standards

  • S-63 charts minimize the risk of data piracy, keeping your ship or vessel information safe

  • S-63 charts meet Safety of Life At Sea(SOLAS) regulations, guaranteeing maximum security on board.


The Timezero S-63 ENC chart module is compatible with TZ Professional and not TZ navigator. S-63 charts are typically locked to a specific TZ Professional license and require a permit and other additional files to be loaded.

How to Load S-63 Charts

Mariners can purchase S-63 charts from official hydrographic chart providers such as Chartworld, UKHO, and Primer. You may have to provide a "user permit" derived from your Timezero Serial Number to buy from any of these agencies. The permit allows chart distributors to identify you as a customer and issue a chart license that will work for you.

You can find the "user permit" in your TZ professional dashboard(If you activated it over the internet or the confirmation email after purchasing the S-63 ENC chart module. If you need help with locating your "user permit," please get in touch with our support team.

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