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For far too long you probably figured out where to fish the hard way. You had to go out and actually fish in different areas to determine when the fish were there, if there were any fish there, and what type of fish they were. You probably spent a lot of time scouring the areas around you to figure out where you should be and probably missed out on a lot of great fishing time because you were in the wrong place. But you don't have to do that anymore because the Timezero DFF3D Module can help.

What is the Timezero DFF3D Module?

The Timezero DFF3D Module is an add-on to your standard Timezero system. It lets you create a full map of the seafloor around you without the extensive process that you may have done previously. Instead, in just a few passes over the area you could have all of the information you need to decide whether the area you're in is good for fishing or not. But that's not all.

The DFF3D module is actually a multibeam sonar, which collects 50 data points per second. But it has more features than just that as well. It offers:

  • Down sounder
  • Port and starboard sounder
  • Real-time wide-angle A-scope
  • Fish target history
  • Side scan sonar
  • and much more

Using the Timezero DFF3D Module

Seafloor mapping used to be complicated, but if you're using the right sonar systems it doesn't have to be anymore. Single beam sonar options are good, and they will provide you with a comprehensive result, but they're extremely slow. Instead, a multibeam sonar system, like the Timezero DFF3D Module, lets you get everything you need in fewere passes, making it much faster.

When you're ready to use it, you just turn on your Timezero system and activate the DFF3D module. You can set up the specific screens that you want to see so you're well informed and ready to get started planning that next fishing trip. These include:

  • Section: see real-time conditions within 120 degree port to starboard angle. It even includes the type of fish located.
  • Multi-Sounder: three beams scan from left to right under the boat, on the port side, and on the starboard side to get a better view, including a history of previous scans.
  • Water Column: get a time-based image of the floor as well as fish target icons and a historical view under the boat.
  • Side Scan: provides a vertically scrolling view of the DFF3D data

Getting Started with the Timezero DFF3D Module

When it comes time to head out into the water again you want to know that you're going to have fun, right? And while driving around in your boat can be fun on its own, it's not as fun when you're really looking for a good fishing trip. You want to know right where you're going and then get there fast.

With the Timezero DFF3D Module you'll be able to do exactly that because you can conduct your seafloor mapping when you feel like a drive, and then you will know where you need to go when it comes time for fishing.

When you're ready to start enjoying yourself on that next fishing trip, make sure you have the right gear and get the Timezero DFF3D Module for your boat. You'll be glad you did.



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