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    Volume I was updated in 1984. This is the 1984 Update of 1981. Volume II has all the valuable tables and calculations and was published in 1981. So this really is a complete set, as the 1984 is just an update of the 1981.
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    According to Captain Hooyer, forces acting on the ship have an effective lever arm with respect to a hypothetical pivot point. The forces creating or affecting this pivot point include the ship’s motion, underwater resistance, and momentum. The book will be particularly helpful to pilots and ship...
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    Responding to the recommendations arising from the STCW convention on the knowledge of manoeuvring required of deck officers, the book Ship handling analyses all aspects of a vessel's manoeuvrability, whether passing through open water or confined waters. The book consists of three parts. The fi...
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    One cannot hold this small, delicate, slipcovered book without being impressed by the nearly 200-year unbroken chain of publication that it has enjoyed. It sailed on U.S. merchantmen and Navy ships shortly after the quasi-war with France and during British impressment of merchant seamen that led ...
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