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    CSC Pamphlet, 6th Edition Explains the Convention’s provisions for the periodic inspection of containers, ACEP inspections, original approval and administration, including enforcement. 
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    The Full Set of Container Publications include the following manuals: (4112) Guide for Container Equipment Inspection, 6th Ed., (1117) General Guide for Container Cleaning, 2nd Ed., (1105) Repair Manual for Steel Freight Containers, (1125) Guide for Open Top Container Equipment Inspection, (1106)...
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    General Guide for Container Cleaning, 2nd Edition This Guide uses color photographs to illustrate different types of container conditions in dry van, open top and refrigerated containers that may or may not require cleaning. For each condition, the Guide recommends the action to be taken, if ...
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    General Guide for Refrigerated Container Inspection and Repair, 3rd Edition Contains inspection criteria and repair recommendations for reefer containers. 
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    Guide for Container Chassis Inspection and Maintenance, 4th Edition. Contains Inspection and Maintenance criteria recommendations for container chassis. 
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    Provides criteria for determining if damage to containers requires repair. Published jointly with the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the criteria apply both for on/off-hire and in-service inspections. The Guide was developed by a Joint Working Group of representatives from shipping line...
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    Guide for Open Top Container Equipment Inspection (180 pages) Addresses in detail the inspection of components and cleaning decisions specific to open top containers. 
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    Repair Manual for Steel Freight Containers, 5th Edition Contains recommendations for repair of steel containers, many presented by means of color photographs. Covers general repair principles and procedures, repair of individual container components, safety precautions, materials and tools, n...
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    Supplement on Inspection & Repair: Gray Areas, 2nd edition Clarifies "gray areas" in container inspection and repair that have remained open to interpretation and thus the source of disputes. Such areas include conditions where it is unclear whether repair is required or not; wear and tea...
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