Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers


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    For those who still believe that the transportation of cargoes requires a slow-moving learning curve - think again! New products arrive on the market each year. Traditional products which have been in decline suddenly receive a commercial impetus only to find that the hiatus of several years, eve...
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    Offering financial protection against maritime and transit losses, marine insurance gives the shipping industry the confidence to trade. Without the shelter to risk presented by insurance, shipping transactions and operations would be severely curtailed as players would have to rely on their own ...
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    Combines theory and practice of the role of the agent and their relationship with other parties involved in modern sea transport. The first book in an important new series of business shipping titles produced by the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers.
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    Shipping business is the business of shipping with all its complexity. There are hundreds of roles in the industry and they all fit into the whole like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.This book describes the business entity and communications in the shipping business. The disciplines of dry cargo c...