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    Overview The Guidance Manual for Tanker Structures - 2018 Consolidated Edition is based on the experiences and practices used by members of the Tanker Structure Co-operative Forum, which is made up of owners, operators and classification societies. This edition also incorporates IACS Unified Requ...
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    Overview This collates the information required for the assessment of ballast and cargo tank structures. Based on the experience and practices used by members of the Tanker Structure Co-operation Forum, it covers survey preparation and execution guidelines, maintenance guidelines and survey data ...
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    Overview This unique illustrated guide explains the fundamental importance of weathertight hatch covers to the safe and profitable operation of cargo ships. Poorly maintained or secured hatch covers can result in total losses in heavy seas and are one of the principal sources of cargo damage clai...
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    Overview This book provides a definitive study of hatch cover testing and maintenance. The book was written by Mike Wall, who has 20 years' experience in hull, machinery, cargo and condition surveys. During the publication process, it was reviewed by a number of experts and interested parties, in...
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    CSC Pamphlet, 6th Edition Explains the Convention’s provisions for the periodic inspection of containers, ACEP inspections, original approval and administration, including enforcement. 
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    The Full Set of Container Publications include the following manuals: (1112) Guide for Container Equipment Inspection, 6th Ed., (1117) General Guide for Container Cleaning, 2nd Ed., (1105) Repair Manual for Steel Freight Containers, (1125) Guide for Open Top Container Equipment Inspection, (1...