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The Colregs Guide, 6th Edition

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Edition 6th
Media Hardcopy
SKU 9789071500312
Publisher Dokmar
ISBN 9789071500312

The Colregs Guide, 6th Edition

The ‘Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea’ (basically, ‘Traffic Rules at Sea) should be essential reference material for every seafarer. Surfboarders to super tanker crews should all have the same knowledge and interpretation of the rules.

This book uses photographs and computer graphics to define the meaning of navigation lights for different kinds of ships in. It also illustrates how to apply navigation lighting, using a top view and a view from the bridge of the vessel concerned.

The book is a useful tool for study at all levels of marine training. It is also suitable for sailors of pleasure craft, who can use it to learn the meaning and content of navigation lights and apply them to their own vessels.

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