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Road Rule USA Tons

ROADrule USATONS is a quick reference tool that identifies the most common U.S. aids to navigation, rules of the road, and maneuvering and warning signals for U.S. waters. ROADrule takes a large amount of complex information and makes it easy to understand. Whether in a classroom or at the helm, critical decisions can be made quickly and with confidence with the aide of ROADrule. Its design is similar to a slide-rule. (Versions of ROADRule are also available for European Inland Canals and International Waters).

  • Displays 38 navigation aid definitions
  • Displays 12 Rules of the Road
  • Identifies bridge lighting and Intracoastal Waterway markings
  • The various buoyage markers are drawn in color to match the chart symbol.
  • Actual view of maritime buoyage systems with corresponding chart symbols.
  • Magnifying lens for clear readability of definitions
  • Durable two-sided black PVC construction.
  • Stored in a vinyl sleeve and fits nicely in a chart table.


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