Planking & Fastening

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Perhaps the most satisfying task in wooden boat building is planking, as this is the point when all the planning that went into the boat bears fruit. Finally, all the elements are here -- the flowing lines, the lovely sheer, the enclosed space. The boat finally looks like a boat.

Here, in one place, is the information necessary for preparing to plank, clamping the planks in place, fastening the planks to the structure, and finishing off. The advice is based on actual projects, some large, some small; the advisors are all expert wooden boat builders.

Here are some of the many topics:

  • Planking Methods
    • Carvel, Lapstrake, Sheet Plywood, Plywood Lapstrake
    • Ultralight Plywood, Stitch-and-Glue, Wedge-Seam
    • Cold Molded, Diagonal, and Strip
  • Storage of Planking Stock
  • Jigs and Other Labor-Saving Devices
  • Clamps
  • Other Specialized Tools
  • Determining the Shape of Planks
  • Determining the Placement of Planks
  • Lengthening Planks
    • Butt Blocks
    • Scarfs
  • Edge-Setting Planks
  • Planking a Large Vessel
  • Plank Fastenings
  • Clench Nailing
  • Riveting
  • Making and Placing Bungs
  • And more....
Thinking bout building a wooden boat and unsure of the planking method to use? Building a wooden boat and ready to start planking? This is your book.

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