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Marine Terminal Management and Self Assessment (MTMSA)


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Marine Terminal Management and Self Assessment (MTMSA)


    Terminal operators are encouraged to submit the results of their self assessments online to OCIMF’s central database for distribution to recipients approved by the terminal operator. Although MTMSA is principally a self assessment tool, external verification of the assessment by existing and potential users of the terminal can provide benefit to the terminal operator.

    Self assessment can be used by terminal operators to verify that their management systems are comprehensive and promote safety and environmental excellence, with the intention of minimising risk in the execution of their operations and providing the ability to measure and continuously improve their management systems.

    This self assessment process encourages terminal operators to review performance by means of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are detailed within the elements of this document. Analysis of this data will establish trends that can be used to effectively target resources on measures for managing and reducing risk.

    Terminal operators may use their assessment results to develop a plan to continuously improve safety and environmental performance and transfer best practice across their operations through the consistent application of enhanced processes and procedures.

    The adoption of a uniform format for the assessment may also, at the discretion of the submitting terminal, facilitate internal benchmarking of performance within organisations.

    A fundamental element of effective safety management is risk assessment. The use of this Guide can assist terminal operators to demonstrate that risks have been identified, analysed and reduced to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable.

    This document includes best practice guidance based on current international legislation and recognised industry guidelines and codes of practice. In addition, in the online version, supplementary information will be available via a ‘Help’ facility to assist users when completing the assessment.