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London Maritime Arbitration


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London Maritime Arbitration

The authors have used their practical experience and extensive legal research to give a clear explanation of how arbitration law works and what factors influence LMAA arbitrators. The book provides a specific guide to maritime arbitration rather than simply a commentary on the 1996 Act; in particular because significant practical issues are not dealt with directly by the Act, for example, confidentiality, freezing orders and anti-suit injunctions.

The third edition has been revised and updated to include:

• A brand new chapter on mediation

• A full introduction to new LMAA Intermediate Claims Procedure (2009)

• Comprehensive coverage of the new LMAA Terms (2006) and LMAA/Baltic Exchange Mediation Terms (2009)

• Substantial new case law since last edition, including The Front Comor, Fiona Trust, Emmott v Michael Wilson, C v D

• Discussion of new law on anti-suit injunctions and anti-arbitration injunctions

• New extended sections on the impact of human rights and competition law