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Introduction to Marine Drilling

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Introduction to Marine Drilling

From the history of marine drilling to the glossary of terms it is essential reading. Hundreds of photos and diagrams are used to illustrate all chapters which include: preparation for drilling operations, offshore drilling platform types, rigs and their equipment, drilling operations, marine operations, personnel and training procedures. 


  • The development of rotary drilling

  • Preparations for drilling - the operator, the contractor, costs the reservoir, exploration methods, site surveys

  • Offshore platform types - drilling from fixed platforms and mobile drilling units

  • The offshore rig and its equipment - basic components, the drill floor, derrick and drawworks, motion compensation, drilling and subsea equipment; the marine riser and well control.

  • Drilling operations - running the hole, drilling ahead, tripping, running and cementing casing

  • The drilling sequence, well testing, stimulation and plugging

  • Marine operations - stability, rig moves and helicopter operations

  • Personnel and training