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Competence Assurance Guidelines For F[P]SOs

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SKU 9781905331345
Publisher Witherby Seamanship International

Competence Assurance Guidelines For F[P]SOs

This book is a guide to establishing the basic skills and knowledge requirements to safely operate F[P]SO Installations and the training and assessment of F[P]SO personnel. 

This book provides guidelines designed to assist F[P]SO Managers in achieving and maintaining the highest practical standards of competence for F[(P])SO Operations Personnel. The guidelines are installation specific, not company generic. This means that if a company has multiple F[P]SOs then the whole range of activities will need to be carried out for each unit.
The purpose of this guide is to enable F[P]SO Managers to:
• Develop an effective Competency Assurance Program as an essential tool for successful operations.
• Develop a concept for competency assessment which meets each individual company's needs based upon their own site organization structure.
• Determine the competencies they require for each Level of F[P]SO personnel.
• Assess the competence of each member of their F[P]SO operations personnel.
• Assist establish the Training Needs for each member of the F[(P])SO personnel.
• Establish the required experience and knowledge for safe operations based upon the Competency Assessment tables.

It is recommended that every member of the F[P]SO Operations Personnel should be required to provide evidence of having acquired the necessary knowledge and practical skills in accordance with the competence assessment procedures described in these Guidelines. These F[P]SO Competence Assessment Guidelines cover
• Guidance and advice on the development and implementation of the training and assessment program for F[P]SO personnel.
• Outlines of a "Functional Analysis" which describes the majority of F[P]SO operational tasks (referred to as elements) in terms of personnel skill and knowledge.
• A set of "Competence Assessment Tables" which provide an outline of the competency and knowledge requirements for each operational element.
• An example of a "Competence Record Book" which can be developed further to document and record the development of each individual member of F[P]SO personnel. The effectiveness of the Competence Assurance Program is that personnel can successfully handle normal, abnormal and emergency conditions as verified through work place and personal assessment by qualified Assessors and Verifiers. These FPSO Competence Assessment Guidelines have been endorsed by the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP).



Section 1      Implementation Guidelines                                  


       1.1 General                                                                       


       1.2 Getting Started              


       1.3 F[P]SO Personnel and Competency levels


       1.4 Customizing and the Guidelines                                     


       1.5 Responsibilities                                   Ownership and Stewardship               




Section 2  Functional Analysis


       2.1 Index of Functions, Units and Elements                           


       2.2 Analysis Tree                                                               




Section 3      Assessors and Verifiers


                 3.1 Appointment and Training of Assessors                          


                 3.2 Appointment and Training of Verifiers                            




Section 4      Criticality Assessment


                 4.1 General                                                                       


                 4.2 Performing a Criticality Assessment                                


                 4.3 Criticality Assessment                                                   




Section 5      Competence Assessment Tables


                 5.1 General Principle                                                          


                 5.2 Developing Competency Assessment Tables                    


                 5.3 Verification and Approval                                              


                 5.4 Revalidation Process                                                     


                 5.5 Overview                                                                     




Section 6      Assessment Guidance


       6.1 General                                                                       


       6.2 Observation                                                                 


       6.3 Questioning                                                                 


       6.4 Written Test                                                                 


       6.5 Oral Test                                                                     


       6.6 Assessment Expertise                                                    


       6.7 Records                                            


       6.8 Overview




Section 7      Competence Record Book


       7.1 OverviewModel Competence Record Book                                 


       7.2 Record Sheets                                                              




Section 8      Training Guidance                                                                                 


       8.1 General                                                                       


       8.2 Determining Individuals Training Needs                          


       8.3 Training Strategy                                                          


       8.4 Overview                                                                              








Appendix 1   Model Competence Record Book




Appendix 2         Worked example of Criticality Assessment




Appendix 3         CAT's (Competency Assessment Tables)




System 1        Produced Fluid Inlet


System 2        Fluid Separation


System 3        Gas Handling


System 4        Produced Water Injection


System 5        Well Test-Measurement


System 6        Auxiliary Systems


System 7        Emergency Situations/Personnel Safety


System 8        Ballast System


System 9        Navigation Systems


System 10     Corrosion Systems


System 11     Hydrocarbon Systems


System 12     Export Systems


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