Anchoring A Ground Tackler's Apprentice

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Anchoring A Ground Tackler's Apprentice

Ever wonder about…

  • How to throw a rope
  • The paradox of stretch in rope
  • Whether chain is really necessary
  • The silent dangers of using rope that is too small
  • If there is such a thing as too much scope
  • Swivels — should I or shouldn’t I
  • How not to use tandem anchors
  • Whether there is more to preventing chafe than using firehose
  • The conundrum of bridles
  • Anchors for soft (mud) bottoms
  • Plus much more!

Jill and Rudy Sechez first began cruising in 1997 aboard a 36-foot wood, cutter-rigged sailboat that they built in a small backyard. They currently live and cruise aboard a 34-foot sail-assisted wood trawler, which they designed, then built under the trees out in the woods. Relevant to this book, they have seen their boats successfully through seven hurricanes, anchoring through five of them, in addition to numerous tropical storms and countless gales. They cruise primarily the east coasts of the U.S., Gulf of Mexico and the Bahamas, with a trip to Bermuda along the way.

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Bill Turpie
Book order

Good price…semi ok cost to ship…
Overall… ok!

Charles P Daly
Anchoring: A Ground Tackler's Apprentice

This was an excellent, informative book, really heavy, man. I rode it from start to finish. Without it, I'd be sunk. It really kept me grounded... oh,, wait. You dig ?!?

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