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An Introduction to Bunker Operations

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Media Hardcopy
SKU 9780954809744
Publisher Petrospot

An Introduction to Bunker Operations

An Introduction to Bunker Operations is full of photographs, charts and diagrams intended to help the reader visualise important aspects of bunker operations, from flanges, hoses and samplers, to barges, pipelines, road tankers and storage tanks.

Bunkering operations can be highly complex and subject to strict rules and regulations that can vary enormously from port to port.

Given the trend towards ever strengthening MARPOL and local rules, the global maritime industry has become increasingly conscious of the imperative for careful fuel handling. Pollution is a key concern; the penalties for pollution, whether due to accident or carelessness, are now draconian. This practical book is set against that background.

This highly detailed book provides a plethora of useful information, including a comprehensive index and an appendix designed to help the reader quickly locate exactly what he or she needs to find. In short, this is a book that no-one involved in bunkering operations – on land or at sea – should ever be without.

In this book, Nigel Draffin’s straightforward language and clear descriptions succinctly encapsulate the key elements of bunkering.

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