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An Introduction to Bunker Credit Risk

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Media Hardcopy
SKU 9780954809751
Publisher Petrospot

An Introduction to Bunker Credit Risk

An Introduction to Bunker Credit Risk is an essential tool for all those responsible for making credit decisions and assessing counterparty risk when buying or selling marine fuels.

Marine fuel is sold almost universally on open credit and the sums involved can be substantial. With no security and thin margins, payment delay or default can be very serious for the supplier. It is important to understand the dynamics of credit risk, both as a defence against loss and as a tool for maximising profit.

Presenting a complex subject in a simply-written and highly-effective way, this book provides a comprehensive foundation for anyone involved in any aspect of credit management, whether from the trading and supply or a ship operator’s viewpoint.

The book offers an understanding of the marine fuels market and of the shipping markets that it supports, and also provides a practical introduction to the assessment of counterparty risk in the sector.

Whether you are considering a career in the bunker industry, or already involved in the commercial side of bunkering, you will find this book invaluable.

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