Man Overboard (MOB) Rescue Net: MARKUS SCN6-400 – Scramble-Net/Cradle

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RESCUE NET MARKUS SCN6-400 – Scramble-Net/Cradle
The SCN6-400 is designed to retrieve a MOB, either enabling a conscious MOB to climb aboard, or an unconscious MOB to be rolled par buckle onboard in a horizontal position.
There is a new IMO standard (III/-17) for the retrieval of persons in the water. This standard will soon affect most operations, SOLAS vessels, passenger vessels, and commercial vessels carrying more than 12 persons, and including FRCs (Fast Rescue Craft).
Each net must extend into the water 1.5 to 2 meters in the water to be effective and meet the new IMO standards for retrieval of persons in the water.
The SCN6 is 6 rungs wide or (4ft) which is considered the minimum width for lifting a person in the horizontal position. The net is 4 meters long and extends into the water 1.5 to 2 meters.
Designed for workboats, charter boats, tourist boats and patrol boats (must have suitable rescue zone at the specific height)
Maximum Freeboard
1.2 meters (4ft)
2 meters (6.5ft)
0.5 meters
1.2 meters (4ft)
2.5 meters (8.3ft)
1 meters
1.2 meters (4ft)
3 meters (9.8ft)
1.5 meters
1.2 meters (4ft)
3.5 meters (11.5ft)
2 meters
1.2 meters (4ft)
4 meters (13.1ft)
2.5 meters

The SN6-400 can be installed permanently or be stowed away and then transported for quick install and deployment. There are a few different rigging packages available;

SCN6 Link pipe without rope. 124
SCN6 Link pipe with 2 ropes and snap hooks.
SCN6 Fixed Extension ropes 19.5in (50cm) with snap hook. Kit of 3 pcs
SCN6 Adjustable Extension ropes snap hooks. Kit of 3 pcs.


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        Weight 13.00 lbs
        Dimensions 157 x 48 x 10 in