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    The classic account of the lives & exploits of the most notorious pirates of the Golden Age—from Anne Bonny to Blackbeard
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    Discover the how 2,000 privately armed Yankee vessels captured 16 British warships and almost 3,000 merchantmen during the Revolution.
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    This Barometer Handbook not only gives the history of barometers, but also explains how to evaluate a barometer and how to carry out a simple calibration using convenient online resources (see www.starpath.com/barometers). How to use accurate pressure in marine navigation is also explained with p...
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    The fascination of shipwrecks is in the tales they produce of treasure and tragedy. They also give us a unique window into our past, the rare opportunity to understand the mariners of days gone by and the ships in which they sailed. Inside you can: discover why shipwrecks are important resources...
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    Lively, accessible text by pirate expert Angus Konstam explains how piracy grew and flourished from the early buccaneers to the rogues of popular legends, how it has been snuffed out, and how it has reared its head again with the machine-gun-toting pirates operating on today’s high seas.   Peopl...