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  • $89.95 $99.95
    The objective of this book is to impart practical hands-on knowledge about ECDIS. For less-experienced users, the book will help them to gain a valuable overview of the principles of ECDIS navigation and the related challenges. Meanwhile, it is likely that advanced ECDIS operators will also be ab...
  • $369.95 $399.95
    The series Handbook of Offshore Surveying Volume I, II and III is an encompassing series that is unmissable for the modern day hydrographer. This complete set of books should be on the desks of every hydrographic survey company and the professionals working for them, while it can be used as refer...
  • $134.95 $149.95
    Volume III of the series Handbook of Offshore Surveying is titled Acquisition Sensors. In this volume the authors are describing the deployment and operation of Lidar, singlebeam echo sounders, multibeam echo sounders, side scan sonar, remote sensing bathymetry and other measurement technology. .  
  • $134.95 $149.95
    Volume II of the series Handbook of Offshore Surveying is titled Positioning & Tides dives deep into geodesy, positioning and satellite navigation. All kinds of equipment to operate that positioning and measurement is described, like USBL, DVL and gyro compasses. This volume also goes into ti...
  • $134.95 $149.95
    Volume I of the series Handbooks of Offshore Surveying focuses on projects, preparation and processing in offshore surveying. In this volume the authors are describing hydrography for nautical charting, dredging, inspection, rig moves, cable and pipe lay and offshore installation. Further to that...
  • $99.95 $129.95
    This Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) describes the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines and standards concerning effluent (i.e., liquid waste discharged into a large body of water).  Included are effluent limitations representing the degree of effluent reduction attainable by the applic...
  • $59.95 $69.95
    Whether for a fresh navigator or an old hand – this book is targeted to provide a profound hands-on advice on how to best compile a suitable voyage plan fully in line with the principles of IMO Resolution A.893(21). Following a process-guided structure each chapter starts with a short re-compilat...