Code of Federal Regulations

The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations sets out all the policies, procedures and rules laid out by the administrative bodies comprising the federal government. These rules and regulations comprise what is known as administrative law. They are detailed in 50 regularly updated titles, which cover a broad range of topics including Federal Elections, Food and Drug, National Defense and Postal Service.

Maritime companies operating and managing commercial vessels are obligated to comply with the U.S. code of federal regulations if they are sailing under the U.S. flag and/or are operating in U.S. waters. The U.S. Coast Guard acts as one of the main enforcement agencies for these regulations. CFR 29, CFR 33, CFR 46, CFR 47, CFR 49 volumes comprise most of the regulations the govern the U.S. maritime industry.


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    In 2004 Congress instructed the Coast Guard to bring most of the nation’s commercial towing vessels, which were operating as “uninspected vessels,” under formal Coast Guard inspection.  In order to comply with this Congressional mandate, the Coast Guard had to prepare a detailed set of towing ves...