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  • $10.95
    For decades, the maneuvering board chart has been a mainstay for solving relative motion problems. The bearing and distance marks from the center, and the convenient scales at the sides allow quick and easy plotting of course and speed vectors, and the addition of them to provide course and speed...
  • $10.95
    Perfect for plotting radar targets, tidal current plots, and all relative motion problems. Solutions are reached through easy-to-plot vectors. Figure course to steer in a current, heading to avoid collision, or heading to intercept another moving vessel. This is an exact copy of the government DM...
  • $724.95
    The Astra IIIB has somewhat revolutionized celestial navigation. Never before has such a high quality, accurate metal sextant been available at such a low price. Over 24,000 sextants of this model have been sold in the US alone in the past 27 years; far more than any other serious sextant. Its po...
  • $8.95
    These are also known as VP-OS pads. A graduated circle printed at the center allows meridians of longitude to be constructed for any chosen latitude, thus creating a custom made chart for any geographical location. Pad of 50 sheets printed both sides. Size 13 x 14 inches