Collection: C-Map Max-N Charts

The C-Map MAX-N electronic charts are the leanest and most straightforward type. You can count on three highly valuable informational and visual features: full-featured vector charts, depth shading, and detailed marina port plans.

Vector charts run on recent, local information from official hydrographic offices and help chart a course more easily. Depth shading uses different shades of blue to denote different depth levels, which helps make drop-offs, traps, and other hydrographic features stand out more intuitively to the eye. Detailed marina port plans come with in-depth information on thousands of ports, which makes docking in a new port a much smoother experience.

While MAX-N isn't extremely feature-heavy, this type of CMap digital chart is still a reliable choice overall. You enjoy compatibility with chart plotters from B&G, Simrad & Lowrance as well as all coverage types except Continental.

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