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    Overview Passage Planning Guide – English Channel, Dover Strait and Southern North Sea provides up-to-date information for the safe and controlled transit of vessels through this region, covering passages to and from: Wandelaar/Schelde MAAS/Rotterdam Sunk/Thames Elbe/Weser/Jade. The 2019 ...
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    Overview This Guide is designed to be used as part of the ship's pre-entry procedures and also as a tool for familiarising and refreshing the bridge team each time the ship is planning a passage through the GBRTS. Its design, with pull-out chartlets, allows this Guide to be used in real time, giv...
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    This publication is for the guidance of Shipmasters and navigating officers transiting the Malacca and Singapore Straits.The grounding of the Japanese VLCC, ‘Showa Maru’ in January 1975, off Buffalo Rock in the Straits of Singapore, spilling crude oil into the surrounding waters, spurred on the e...
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    Overview Since the first edition of this guide was published, concern among the coastal States, major cargo importers, ship owners and shipmasters regarding navigational safety in the Straits has continued. The Straits remain one of the busiest and most congested seaways in the world and the carr...
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    Overview Written by and for professional navigators, this latest edition of Passage Planning Guidelines is the essential resource for all navigators.  Fully updated, this 2019 edition incorporates 3 separate publications. Presented in a slip case, covering the latest key procedures, guidance and...
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    Overview A companion title to Passage Planning Principles, this book works through a passage on a container vessel from Bab-el-Mandeb to Jeddah. This book shows          - Chart extracts for each leg of the passage          - Template plans          - Checklists. The two books ‘Passage Planning P...
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