British Admiralty Instructional Chart 5046: English Channel - Newhaven to Calais

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British Admiralty Instructional Paper Charts are useful for training and examination purposes. They are not maintained for the latest information and should not be used for navigation. The UKHO (United Kingdom Hydrographic Office) provides these charts to be used by students to practice traditional chart work. They are often used by maritime colleges and nautical schools to test their students in navigation practice.

Chart Panel Details

  • Panel Name English Channel - Newhaven to Calais
  • Natural Scale 150000
  • North Limit 51� 10'.04N
  • East Limit 2� 03'.00E
  • South Limit 50� 17'.10N
  • West Limit 1� 02'.40W
  • Panel Name Newhaven Harbour
  • Natural Scale 7250
  • North Limit 50� 47'.05N
  • East Limit 0� 04'.00E
  • South Limit 50� 46'.50N
  • West Limit 0� 03'.00E