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Witherbys Nautical Almanac 2016

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Witherbys Nautical Almanac 2016

In addition to the information supplied in your typical almanac, Witherbys Nautical Almanac includes:

  • Country information, including time zone, population, currency, Int’l dialing codes and details of their merchant fleet

  • extracts from a booklet ‘Celestial navigation Explained’ that takes you from the basics to resolving a cocked hat problem

  • a worked example on using the ‘Concise Sight Reduction tables of The Nautical Almanac’

  • formulae and conversion factors

  • update on bridge equipment required, AIS, ARPA, BNWAS, ECDIS,GALILEO, VDR and GMDSS

  • the use and care of the sextant

  • the use and care of an azimuth mirror

  • worked navigational examples using the Witherbys Nautical Almanac

  • colour star charts