Ensuring Compliance: Preparing Vessels for Bridge Audit with SOLAS Nau


At American Nautical Services, Inc., we specialize in helping vessels, particularly large yachts, successfully navigate the intricacies of annual bridge audits, focusing on nautical charts and publication carriage requirements as mandated by the SOLAS Convention. Our comprehensive services, including expertise in Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS), ensure vessels are not only compliant but equipped for optimal safety and efficiency.

Tailored SOLAS Compliance Solutions

Our deep understanding of the SOLAS Convention's requirements for nautical charts and publications positions us to offer tailored solutions. We ensure vessels have access to the latest and most accurate navigational data, crucial for safe passage.

Up-to-Date Nautical Charts and Publications

We provide updated nautical charts and essential publications, including Sailing Directions, Lists of Lights, Tide Tables, and Notices to Mariners. Our meticulous approach guarantees that your vessel's navigation resources are current and comprehensive.

ECDIS Integration

In the digital age, ECDIS has become a vital tool for maritime navigation. Our services include integrating ECDIS solutions that comply with SOLAS and IMO standards, enhancing navigational safety and efficiency. We ensure that your ECDIS systems are not only up-to-date but also properly configured and maintained.

Comprehensive Bridge Audit Preparation

Preparing for an annual bridge audit requires attention to detail and a thorough understanding of SOLAS requirements. We assist vessels in this process through:

1. Customized Compliance Checklist

Our team develops a custom checklist tailored to your vessel's specific needs, ensuring all SOLAS requirements for nautical charts and publications are thoroughly addressed.

2. Efficient Chart and Publication Management

We assist in organizing your nautical charts and publications, ensuring they are easily accessible and up to date. This level of organization is vital during a bridge audit.

3. Crew Training and Support

Understanding and effectively using navigational tools, including ECDIS, is crucial for any crew. We provide comprehensive training and support, ensuring your crew is proficient in these critical areas.

4. Record-Keeping and Documentation

Maintaining accurate records of chart corrections and updates is a critical element of SOLAS compliance. We offer systems and support to ensure your vessel's records are meticulous and audit-ready.

5. Continuous Compliance and Review

Our services extend beyond the bridge audit preparation. We offer ongoing support and regular reviews to ensure continuous compliance with SOLAS requirements, identifying and rectifying any potential issues proactively.

A Partner in Maritime Safety and Compliance

Choosing American Nautical Services, Inc. as your partner means entrusting your vessel's compliance and safety to experts. Our commitment extends beyond helping your vessel pass its bridge audit; we aim to set a standard in maritime safety and navigational excellence.

In summary, with American Nautical Services, Inc., your vessel gains a dedicated partner adept in SOLAS compliance, ECDIS integration, and bridge audit preparation. Let us guide you through the complexities of maritime regulations, ensuring your voyages are not only compliant but safe and efficient. 

Don't hesitate to contact us and take the first step towards seamless maritime compliance and enhanced navigational safety.