The Nautical Almanac: Her Majesty's Nautical Almanac Office (NP314), 2022 Edition

Media Book
Edition 2022
SKU NP314-22
Publisher United Kingdom Hydrographic Office
ISBN 9780707746265
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The Nautical Almanac contains astronomical information to support bridge crews in routine and emergency celestial navigation, as well as the calculation of daylight hours and mandatory gyro checks. It is carried on every ship within the Royal Navy and is at the core of celestial navigational training courses worldwide.

The Nautical Almanac includes:

- Tabulations of the Sun, Moon, navigational planets and stars to help determine positions at sea when using a sextant

- Times of sunrise, sunset, twilights, moonrise and moonset, phases of the Moon and eclipses of the Sun and Moon to help bridge crews plan observations

- Interpolation and altitude correction tables, pole star tables and diagrams, and notes for the identification of stars and planets

- Information on standard times for countries around the world

- A concise set of sight reduction tables and sight reduction forms

In addition to paper format, this ADMIRALTY publication is available as ADMIRALTY e-Nautical Publications (AENP). AENPs bring improved efficiency, accuracy and access to information bridge crews need through electronic updating and simple search functionality. (Please Note: Admiralty e-NPs are not downloaded directly from the site. All e-NPs need to be assigned once it has been purchased.)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John Coffee
Great Product!

The e-NP format is an easy to use fully digital version of the official US/UK Nautical Almanac.

Jack Waldron
A good alternative

I usually use the Nautical Almanac published by the US GPO. However, I was unable to obtain one from them for 2022 and thus bought the version from HM NAO. They have the exact same content and format, which I am thankful for, no need to learn anything new. However, the binding on the Admiralty Almanac is much nicer than the usual GPO version.

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