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Tanker Safety Training (Liquefied Gas)

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Media Hardcopy
SKU 9781856093415
Publisher Witherby Seamanship International
ISBN 9781856093415

Tanker Safety Training (Liquefied Gas)

Substantial work has been undertaken to ensure that the basics of liquefied gas carriage at sea can be understood by every reader, regardless of their experience to date.

In addition to coverage of course requirements, the text provides additional information, particularly in the important areas of cargo calculation and operational procedure.

For absolute clarity, and to highlight the different practices in the LNG and LPG trades, certain operations have been shown separately.

This book is a joint publication from Seamanship International and Witherbys Publishing

Published: 2007
No. Pages: 312, Colour
Format: Softback
ISBN 13: 978 1 85609 3415 and ISBN 10: 1 85609 3417

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