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Polar Ship Operations: A Practical Guide, 2012 Edition


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Polar Ship Operations: A Practical Guide, 2012 Edition

Interest in the polar regions is growing as the season for accessing these remote and hostile areas is lengthening. Operating ships within any ice regime requires knowledge, skills and different awareness beyond that of many mariners. Multi-year and glacial ice are much harder than first-year ice and there is little assistance available, so mariners must be self-sufficient. Captain Snider brings the full benefit of his extensive experience in polar shipping and as a highly qualified ice navigator to describe the human, technical, environmental and operational challenges of the polar regions. This is a hard, unforgiving environment which requires diligence and deliberation in the planning and execution of voyages, as set out in this book.


Chapter 1 Environment, climate and climate change
Chapter 2 Polar regions: general geography and infrastructure
Chapter 3 Ice
Chapter 4 Preparation for cold weather: equipment and personnel
Chapter 5 Ice operations
Chapter 6 Passage planning in polar ice regions
Chapter 7 Shiphandling in ice
Chapter 8 Emergency and environmental response and insurance
Appendix 1 Bridge checklist
Appendix 2 Engine room checklists
Appendix 3 Deck preparation checklist
Appendix 4 Lifesaving and fi refi ghting equipment checklists
Appendix 5 Glossary of Terms and List of abbreviations