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Plotting 101

This disc contains instruction for the USCG Chart Plot exercises. Training chart 13205TR (not included) is used in the instruction of 3 chart plots. Instruction includes Dead Reckoning, Latitude scale on small and large scale charts, Speed Time and Distance, Compass Conversions, Gyro Error, Plotting a Position, Set and Drift, Special case Bearings, Bowditch table 7 Solving Bearing Problems.

Modules include: Plotting, Tide, Navigation General and Currents.

Reference Books Include:

  • Introduction to Plotting
  • Plotting Help
  • Plotting Appendix - Examples
  • Instruction, 3 Chart Plots, Chart 13205TR
  • Tides and Currents, explained
  • Tide Tables 1983
  • Tidal Current Tables 1983
  • Navy Quartermaster
  • Bowditch 1981 Vol I, Pub. 9
  • Bowditch 2002, Complete
  • General Information & Publications
  • Time Tick Help
  • Chart Users Manual
  • Chart 1
  • Coast Pilot & Light Lists
  • IALA Maritime Buoyage System
  • Magnetic Compass Adjusters Manual