Passage Planning Guide - Panama Canal and Approaches, 1st Edition 2020

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This brand new passage planning guide is an expert resource for navigating the Panama Canal. Written in consultation with the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), it includes A2-sized chartlets of the entire canal and essential information on every aspect of using both the Panamax and the Neopanamax locks.

Passage Planning Guide: Panama Canal and Approaches (2020 Edition) is the most comprehensive navigational guide to the Panama Canal to date. Written in consultation with the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) and their most senior pilots, it builds on the research and experience gained since the 2014 SIGTTO Guide to the Canal for LNG Carriers. The large format chartlets and supplementary navigational and procedural data in this new guide support Masters and officers in maintaining the highest safety standards in these constrained waters.

The user-friendly format of this publication will also help to ensure a successful transit for the increasing numbers of Neopanamax shipmasters, who may be completely unfamiliar with the canal due to changing patterns of global trade and the 2016 expansion of the locks.

This title supersedes 'Guidance for LNG Carriers Transiting the Panama Canal' by SIGTTO.


Title: Passage Planning Guide. Panama Canal and Approaches (PPG - Panama, 2020 Edition)
Product Code: WS1805K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-898-4 (9781856098984), ISBN 10: 1-85609-898-2 (1856098982)
Published Date: April 2020
Binding Format: Hardback
Book Height: 594 mm
Book Width: 420 mm
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