IMDG Code e-Learning: IMDG Code Ship Operator Course

Course Scope:IMDG Code Consignor/Freight Forwarder Course
49 CFR Module:Included
Course Scope IMDG Code Consignor/Freight Forwarder Course
49 CFR Module Included
Publisher Exis Technologies, Ltd

This course is for personnel responsible for and/or directly involved in managing the operation of a vessel carrying dangerous goods.

This course provides:

• An introduction to the IMDG Code
• An overview of the IMDG Code general provisions
• In-depth training on dangerous goods classification and identification provisions
• An overview of packing requirements
• An overview on package marking and labelling requirements
• In-depth training on CTU marking and placarding requirements
• In-depth training on documentation requirements and completion procedures
• In-depth training on stowage requirements
• In-depth training on segregation requirements within a CTU
• In-depth training on the segregation requirements for CTUs containing dangerous goods when loaded on vessels
• In-depth training on the requirements for limited quantities and excepted quantities shipments
• Training on incident and fire prevention and emergency response procedures in a port and on board a ship
• Training on the International Convention for Safe Containers
• Training on dangerous goods in port areas  



    • Cost-effective, quality training course
    • Flexible online training with course completion certificate for training records



    The IMO partnered in the development of IMDG Code e-Learning. The course is endorsed by:

    • TT Club
      , the international transport and logistics industry's leading provider of insurance
    • The International Cargo Handling & Co-ordination Association (ICHCA), a membership organization which promotes safety and efficiency in the handling and movement of goods


    IMDG Code e-Learning has been certified to meet training requirements by:

    • The Australian Maritime Safety Administration (AMSA) (certificate number AP5101)

    • The Ministry of PI Land Transport & Shipping, Mauritius

    IMDG Code e-Learning has been assessed and certified against the DNV (Det Norske Veritas) Standard for Certification of Learning Programmes. This certifies that the course has met the DNV standard for the quality of development, content and delivery; is properly designed; contains clear objectives; is designed by qualified trainers; and is assessed and improved in line with market demands and experience.

    The course is updated with every new edition of the IMDG Code and is also updated for errata and user feedback as required.

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