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Title:Hazcheck Online Standard
Title Hazcheck Online Standard
Publisher Exis Technologies, Ltd

Shippers, forwarders and agents worldwide use Hazcheck Online to validate their dangerous goods shipments, produce documentation and to email a booking request to their shipping line.

Hazcheck Online is a subscription-based internet facility for shippers of dangerous goods.  It is especially useful for occasional consignments and for document generation and transmission without the need for an in-house system.

Hazcheck Online is simple and logical in operation.  Check, add and delete substances, build a load, arrive at the best solutions in compliance with IMDG Code requirements.  All much quicker and more accurately than with manual methods.



  • Simplifies and speeds dangerous goods processing
  • Increases efficiency and enhances customer service - instant and accurate
  • Supports staff in producing compliant dangerous goods documentation
  • Updated and maintained in line with IMDG Code Amendments and errata
  • Dual amendment during transition years
  • Reduces error, improves efficiency and operational safety



IMDG Code substance inquiry

  • Display key information on any substance or article listed in the IMDG Code
  • Display optional key ADR regulations information including tunnel restriction codes, and transport unit marking and placarding
  • Check if shipments are allowed on passenger or cargo-only sailings
  • Substance name lookup in English, French or Spanish

Stowage and segregation validation check

Check that substances loaded together in a container or vehicle (CTU) comply with the stowage and segregation requirements of the IMDG Code, including, at the primary and subsidiary risk level, substance-specific requirements and chemical group prohibitions.

Packaging check

  • Easy to use packaging checks and options, including inner and outer packaging limits and Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) types
  • Display Limited Quantity options
  • Display relevant portable tank container and road tank vehicle types

Production of a dangerous goods note

When all the substances in the load have been processed, produce and save a Dangerous Goods Note (DGN), including both IMDG and ADR provisions, and send it to a selected shipping line as an e-mail.  An EDI message that eliminates re-keying of the information by the shipping line can be automatically attached.

    Hazcheck Online is simple and logical in operation. Users can check, add and delete substances as they build a load, arriving at the best solutions in compliance with IMDG Code requirements. All much quicker and more accurately than with manual methods. 


    New in Version 11

    • Complies with Amendment 36-12 of the IMDG Code
    • Optional - access to the full text of the English language IMDG Code
    • Validation top-ups without having to resubscribe (100, 500 or 1,000 validations)
    • ADR regulations when shipping under IMDG Code rules


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    Your Hazcheck Online subscription includes 12 months use of the IMDG Code Dangerous Goods List. You can make as many searches as you wish during this period.  

    The validation check confirms that all the substances in the load are compatible and may be carried together. Following validation (even if there is only one substance in the load) you can go on to check packaging and produce a dangerous goods note.
    Hazcheck Online subscriptions are priced according to the number of validations included. Each time that you validate a load, a unit is deducted from your subscription.

    You can include access to the full text of the IMDG Code, if required.


    There are 4 subscription packages. Each includes a 12 month period for the IMDG Code Dangerous Goods List.
           Service Validations Subscription
      Hazcheck Online Standard      100 US$ 155
      Hazcheck Online Standard + IMDG Code (Full Text)      100 US$ 330
      Hazcheck Online Gold      500 US$ 470
      Hazcheck Online Gold + IMDG Code (Full Text)      500 US$ 640

    Free Demonstration

    You can request a free demonstration of Hazcheck Online here.


    System requirements

    Hazcheck Online can be used with browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera.



    What happens if I use up all my validation units before 12 months?
    Your account remains active for use of the IMDG Code database until the end of the 12 month period. You can renew your subscription and both the database period and validation units start again.


    What happens if there are unused validation units in my account at the end of the 12 month period?
    You can carry them forward when renewing your subscription.


    Can I renew my account before the 12 months are up and there are still some validation units left?
    Yes, the 12 month period will re-start and your outstanding units will be carried forward.


    Can I take as long as I want to process my load?
    Yes, but you will be timed out if there is no activity for 30 minutes.


    What happens if I need to leave processing a load before I have finished?
    It will not be saved by Hazcheck Online. You need to complete the process and save the final dangerous goods note on your computer.


    Can I see how many units I have left in my account?
    Yes, the remaining validation units are displayed when you log on to Hazcheck Online and go to 'Manage my account'. You will also be warned when your units are getting low or the 12 month period is nearing its end.


    What happens if Hazcheck Online shows that my load is invalid?
    If your load is invalid for any reason (such as including two chemicals that cannot be stowed together) you will be shown the reason for the problem. You will have 'spent' a validation unit. You can abandon the load and re-start later, or can rectify the problem and re-validate. This will deduct a second validation unit from your account.


    Can I share my subscription?
    Yes. You can give your password to any other user and their validations will be deducted from your account. Only one user per password can access Hazcheck Online at the same time. For organisations with several offices dealing only with occasional dangerous goods loads, it might be economical to share an account. (Note: given the password, any user can access account management features, so shared passwords should be restricted to trusted users).


    Is there any charge for support?
    Email support is included in your subscription and covers problems or questions regarding the use of Hazcheck Online but not advice on a specific dangerous goods problem.


    What is your refund policy?
    Before subscribing please satisfy yourself that Hazcheck Online will meet your requirements. We will be pleased to answer your questions, and can offer access to a demonstration account for your review. No subscription refunds can be made.

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