ECDIS Procedures Guide - 2022/2023 Edition (Volume 1 & Volume 2)

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This new edition features two publication volumes presented in a slipcase.

ECDIS Procedures Guide 2022–2023 Edition Volume 1

It is vital that all ships carrying ECDIS have installed and understand the latest updates and requirements. This title provides a framework, as well as supporting background information and checklists, to aid officers in fulfilling STCW requirements. It helps companies implement best practice in the use of ECDIS on board their ships.

The 2022–2023 edition has been updated to include the latest ECDIS sensor configurations, with flowcharts offering a visual aid to assist in the event of failure. A new section on route planning has been updated to include clear instructions on producing a safe passage plan.

Volume 1 also features updated navigation audit observations and non-conformities found on ECDIS, including the recent flag State Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) results. The latest ‘Top 20’ ECDIS questions have been added, which reflect on the observations and incident findings between 2018 and 2022.

Type Specific Information 2022–2023 Volume 2

This edition includes Type Specific ECDIS Quick Reference Guides to help the navigator identify the functional differences between systems and increase the speed of familiarisation. These Guides include a specific reference to each system’s latest software version, which all ships should adhere to. The Guides include the latest standards required on board, concentrating on the latest typical ECDIS configurations of sensors at sea, and the list of sensors now available for integration.



Many academics believe the recent pandemic did not change the nature of business, it expedited what was likely to change. Within the world of ECDIS navigation, it is fair to say that the pandemic period has certainly added more shared knowledge of ECDIS and forced safe navigation back to the top of shipping priorities. Without ships sailing on track, on time, and safely with ECDIS, it is likely the outcome of the pandemic would have been much worse.

Additional sea going demands on ships have resulted in increased ‘remote’ audits in 2021/2022. Remote audits are far more frequent than pre-pandemic ‘physical’ audits. In this edition we review and share over 7000 navigation audits and observations over the last 12 months, as opposed to an average 3000 a year pre-pandemic. This is not to suggest that standards have dropped, it suggests audit standards have risen and we are at the final stages of making shipping as safe as could be.

Over the past two years seafarers have found more time to share knowledge in ECDIS, and we have witnessed a surge of passing ‘lessons learnt’ and openness in navigation to each other, as we pull together during the increased pressures faced at sea.

The team here at ECDIS has worked exceptionally hard over the last two years to pool this knowledge and keep the ECDIS operators at sea informed and up to date for safe navigation culminating in this 2023 ECDIS Procedure Guide.


Number of Pages: 408
Published Date: October 2022
Book Height: 297 mm
Book Width: 210 mm
Weight: 3 kg
Publication Date: October 2022
Author: ECDIS Ltd and Witherby Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781914992940

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