Wabash River Guidebook

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 The Wabash begins as a tiny stream near Ft. Recovery, Ohio. As it flows on it's nearly 500 mile course, it eventually takes on size and becomes a great river before flowing into the Ohio River.  The remarkable thing about the Wabash is that much of it offers the same remoteness and beauty that the early explorers saw over 200 years ago. It has not been over-developed or greatly changed as many rivers have. Also the good news is that it is much cleaner than it was 40 years ago and getting healthier each year. Being so natural, it does have hazards and challenges. A wise boater should go prepared.

The guide book has the river broken down into 35 sections with detailed charts and descriptions. Geographic and historical information is also included.  The 78 page book has 56 photographs showing important features. A new section has been added called "Reading the River". It has great advise for traveling rivers safely, particularly on rivers with no navigational aides, like the Wabash.
Updated each year.

All adjacent highways, roads and communities

  •  Hazards identified
  •  Launching ramps                                                    
  •  Supply, fuel and food locations                                                          
  •  Points of interest
  •  Bridges and local access
  •  Mile marks
  •  Parks and camps
  •  GPS Coordinates

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