USCG Publication 515: Rules and Regulations for Foreign Vessels Operating in the Navigable Waters of United States (2 Volume Set), 2023/2024 Edition

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Rules and Regulations for Foreign Vessels Operating in the Navigable Waters of United States (A compilation of Applicable CFR 33 & 46 Regulations)

This book contains selected regulations enforced by the United States Coast Guard from Title 33: Navigation and Navigable Waters, and Title 46: Shipping of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) through July 1, 2016. These two titles are of primary concern to foreign and domestic shipping interests. The specific subchapters included are as follows:

33 CFR: Navigation

  • Subchapter A: General
  • Subchapter C: Aids to Navigation
  • Subchapter D: International Navigation Rules
  • Subchapter E: Inland Navigation Rules
  • Subchapter F: Vessel Operating Regulations
  • Subchapter H: Maritime Security
  • Subchapter I: Anchorages
  • Subchapter J: Bridges
  • Subchapter K: Security of Vessels
  • Subchapter M: Marine Pollution Financial Responsibility and Compensation
  • Subchapter N: Outer Continental Shelf Activities
  • Subchapter NN: Deepwater Ports
  • Subchapter O: Pollution
  • Subchapter P: Ports and Waterways Safety

46 CFR: Shipping

  • Subchapter A: Procedures Applicable to the Public
  • Subchapter B: Merchant Marine Officers and Seamen
  • Subchapter D: Tank Vessels
  • Subchapter E: Load Lines
  • Subchapter H: Passenger Vessels
  • Subchapter I: Cargo and Miscellaneous Vessels
  • Subchapter I-A: Mobile Offshore Drilling Units
  • Subchapter N: Dangerous Cargoes

It is useful to remember the distinction between the regulations in Titles 33 and 46. In simplest terms, the regulations in Title 33 refer to bodies of water, while the regulations in Title 46 refer to ships that sail these waters. This publication ‘selectively’ covers these two titles in that the chosen sections were originally identified by the Coast Guard as significant to owners, operators, and agents of foreign-flag vessels.

This Edition includes a CD with a digital copy of the book and the following supplemental publications:

  • USCG Policy and Guidelines
  • Department of Homeland Security Annual Report
  • USCG Marine Safety Manual, vol. II
  • USCG Forms (included in Book 2):
    • Application, Consent, and Approval for Withdrawal of Application for Documentation or Exchange of Certificate of Documentation (CG 4593)
    • Application for Simplified Measurement (CG 5397)
    • Application for Initial Issue, Exchange, or Replacement of Certificate of Documentation; Re-documentation (CG 1258)
    • Application to Handle Hazardous Materials (CG 4260)
    • Bill of Sale (CG 1340)
    • Bill of Sale by Government Entity Pursuant to Court Order or Administrative Decree of Forfeiture (CG 1356)
    • Optional Application For Filing (CG 5542)
    • Renewing Endorsements On A Certificate Of Documentation (Subs. CG 1280)
    • Report of Marine Accident, Injury, or Death (CG 2692) – this form is interactive, allowing for data entry directly onto the PDF
    • Sea Service Form (CG 866)

CG-515, USCG 515, USCG-515

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