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Site Selection & Design for LNG Ports & Jetties (IP no. 14)


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Site Selection & Design for LNG Ports & Jetties (IP no. 14)

Designed as a guide for port developers to the minimum design criteria for building or altering ports to accommodate LNG carriers. 


Bearing in mind the high consequential risks of a serious accident in the LNG trade, this publication has been prepared for port developers as a guide to the minimum design criteria when a port is built or altered to accommodate LNG carriers.


The publication looks at safety issues for LNG ports and focuses on eliminating spillages at both the ship/shore interface and navigational approach channels.


1 Summary


2 Principal Recommendations


2.1 Port Design


2.2 The Jetty


3 Acknowledgments


4 Introduction


5 Development of LNG Standards


6 Site Selection


6.1 General


6.2 Jetty Location


7 Design Criteria for Jetties


7.1 Root Criteria for Hazardous Liquid Cargoes


7.2 Specific Criteria for LNG


8 Risk Management in the Port Approach


8.1 Port Controls


9 The Human Element


10 Grounding and Collision Risk


10.1 Hull Damage - a Historical Review


10.2 Risk of Structural Damage to LNG Carriers


10.3 Examples


11 References