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Ship Squat and Interaction

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Ship Squat and Interaction

The phenomena of both Ship Squat and Interaction are a major concern for the handling of ships, particularly when ships are operating in shallow waters. Ship Squat can be defined as ‘the decrease in underkeel clearance as a ship moves forward after being static’, this book aims to give a more thorough understanding of these conditions, based on the authors work in this particular area since completing his PhD on the subject in the early 1970s.

Dr Bryan Barrass shares his knowledge of Squat and the various types of Interaction, such as ship-to-ship and bank effect through numerous worked examples, case studies and his own personal computations and time proven formula. After decades advising operators, pilots and port authorities on this subject matter, professionals in these positions or Shipowners & Operators, Mates, Masters, Tug Operators, Educational Establishments, Ship-model Tank staff, Ship Simulator staff and Maritime Examiners will find this book to be of great use.

A great commentator on these subjects over the years in the maritime press, this book brings together the work of Dr Barrass in a single publication and is a comprehensive work on this interesting subject that is often not well understood in the marine industry.