Limited Master, Mate & Operator: Book 3, Revised K (BK-M003)

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Limited Master Mate & Operator Books 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 will prepare you for U. S. Coast Guard endorsements to 100 gross register tons (GRT). You will also need to study subjects in Books 6 & 7 for larger tonnage endorsements up to 1,600 GRT (3,000 tons ITC). In addition every original exam for a U.S. Coast Guard endorsement including Apprentice Mate/Steersman for towing vessels and Able Seaman calls for knowledge of the Navigation Rules. Towing vessel officer endorsement candidates in addition to the Navigation Rules need to study material in the Towing Vessel Officer’s Guide and then on to additional exam subjects marked [T] as listed below although candidates for towing endorsements limited to the Western Rivers need not study chapters 15, 17, 27, 29, 30, 31, & 32. Any individual chapters or group of chapters listed below can be purchased separately upon request.



  • Chapter 16 – Rules and Regulations for Un-inspected Vessels [T] [S] (40 pages)..... RRC-1
  • Chapter 17 – Rules and Regulations for Small Passenger Vessels [S](130 pages)...... RRT-1
  • Chapter 18 – Lifesaving Appliances for Small Passenger Vessels (44 pages)..... LST-1
  • Chapter 19 – Fires, Firefighting and Fire Prevention [T] [S] [AB] (116 pages)..... FF-1
  • Chapter 20 – Ship Power Plants [S](14 pages)..... ENG-1


Types of Multiple Choice Deck Exam Questions

  • [D] = “Deck General” Questions
  • [S] = “Safety and Pollution” Questions
  • [N] = “Navigation General” Questions
  • [P] = “Plotting Problems” & other Math Problems.
  • [NR] = “Navigation Rules” Questions

Other Symbols:

  • [AB] = Part of an Able Seaman & Lifeboatman Course
  • [T] = Part of a Towing officer Course
  • [WE] = Part of a Workboat Engineer Course

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