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Find a port CD

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Publisher Shipping Guides Ltd.

Find a port CD

FindaportCD contains all of our port information from Guide to Port Entry plus more, on DVD technology.

Ports and terminals meeting required criteria can be found with just a few simple clicks. 
Up to 26 different search criteria are available for all ports, harbours and terminals, enabling users to specify their preferred port requirements and generate lists of marine places meeting those requirements.

This annual subscription service includes 4 discs dispatched at quarterly intevals.

FindaportCD was awarded highly commended by the Professional Publishers Association (2012).


Key Features

  • locate over 9,000 ports, harbours, terminals and marine facilities around the world
  • search by:
    • port name
    • port locode
    • country
    • region
    • coordinates
    • port facilities
    • cargo types handled
    • drydock sizes
    • seach all entires for a specific term, e.g. Shell
  • unique port symbols identify:
    • types of cargo handled and
    • dry docks capacity
  • access detailed port information listed in over 70 headings
  • view over 5,600 port plans
  • view over 1,000 photographs
  • view over 2,500 Reports of Actual Conditions Experienced (ACE Reports) provided by fellow seafarers
  • save your favourite ports
  • print and save port information to the local PC
  • email port information (internet connection required)
  • download more recent updates (internet connection required)


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