Deck Officer Study Guide Vol. 6: Deck Exam Illustration Book, 2015 Edition

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Publisher Academy Publishing Company
ISBN 1881349079

Commonly known as just "The Murphy Books" or "Murphy Guides", the Deck Officer Study Guides contain actual United States Coast Guard license exam questions and answers released by the National Maritime Center. The Murphy Books are updated on the release of questions by the NMC, usually once or twice a year.


Deck Officer Study Guide - Deck Examination Illustration Book (Volume 6) provides multiple choice questions and answers for preparation for several of the U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Marine License Examinations. This study guide (commonly known as Murphy's study guide) will allow quick access to definitive areas of required expertise in order to accelerate systematic study and increase cognitive learning.

Preparation for the U.S. Coast Guard Multiple Choice Merchant Marine License Examinations:

• Master - Oceans & Near Coastal, Any Gross Tons
• Chief Mate - Oceans & Near Coastal, Any Gross Tons
• Second Mate - Oceans & Near Coastal, Any Gross Tons
• Third Mate - Oceans & Near Coastal, Any Gross Tons
• Master & Mate - Limited Licenses
• Comprehensive Renewal Exercise - All Grades of License
• Rules of the Road Exercise - All Grades of License

Author: Captain Joseph S. Murphy II (Editor)

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Mike Comstock
Best source for nautical books

They were very helpful helping me find what I needed.

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