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Workboat Code Training Manual

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Workboat Code Training Manual

As required by the UK MCA's Workboat Code (which amends and supersedes the original "Brown Code" and previous "Small Commercial Vessels and Pilot Boats Code of Practice") from January 2015. The Code applies to:

  • Small workboats (under 24m, or if built before July 1968, of less than 150 GRT) that operate to sea eg Windfarm Vessels, Tenders, Fishing Vessels etc
  • Vessels in commercial use, other than those engaged in recreational, sport or pleasure use
  • All UK workboats, wherever they may be operating
  • All UK pilot boats, of any size
  • Non-UK vessels in UK waters or operating from UK ports

Our manual is also suitable for all similar vessels, whether or not they are governed by the Code.