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Charterers' Liability Insurance


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Charterers' Liability Insurance

Essential Best Practice is relevant for time charterers, voyage charterers and cargo traders who move goods and commodities by sea under maritime contracts. This books is above all a practical guide for ship operators which brings together the various facets of marine insurance exclusively as it affects ship charterers, ranging in chartering activities from those who become fully immersed in the operation of chartered ships to those who may only book space in a ship, and in such a way that it should become an indispensable tool for chartering practitioners.

Essential Best Practice is written with three main objectives in mind:
1. To give a theoretical underpinning to the practical applications of a charterers' or cargo trader's marine insurance.
2. To assist the charterer in reviewing his/her own chartering risk exposure and to help evaluate the various insurance solutions available to cover or substantially mitigate that risk.
3. To inform the charterer of the 'essential best practice' in his day to day management of his/her chartering risks, including the management of chartering related claims.