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Admiralty Sailing Directions: Arctic Pilot Vol. I - NP10

Arctic Pilot Vol. I (NP 10) in the British Admiralty Sailing Directions series. It covers the Coasts of the former Soviet Union from Mys Belyy Nos, Proliv Yugorsky Shar to Mys Yakan including Novaya Zemlya, Zemlya Frantsa Iosifa, and all the islands eastward to Novo Sibirskiye Ostrova.

About Admiralty Sailing Directions (ASD)

Often referred to as Pilots, Sailing Directions are designed for use by the merchant mariner on all classes of ocean-going vessels with essential information on all aspects of navigation. Sailing Directions are complementary to Standard Nautical Charts and provide worldwide coverage in 74 volumes.

Each publication contains quality color photography and views, as well as information on navigational hazards, buoyage, meteorological data, details of pilotage, regulations, port facilities and guides to major port entry.

New Editions of Admiralty Sailing Directions are published on a regular basis. Navigationally significant information for these publications is issued via the Admiralty Notices to Mariners weekly bulletin (Section IV).