BA Chart Q6112: Maritime Security Chart - Karachi to Hong Kong

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For centuries piracy has posed a threat to trade at sea. Over recent years through the use of more sophisticated technology, piracy has once again become a serious threat. This threat has an impact on both the financial costs to the industry, but more importantly the lives of those at sea.

With the UKHO launching the new West African Maritime Security Chart, all six security charts will now be called ADMIRALTY Maritime Security Charts, as part of the same ‘Q’ range.

The UKHO produces ADMIRALTY Maritime Security Charts to provide the maritime industry with a single point of reference of security information, by region, in the fight against threats to the security of ships, crew and cargo.


Key features of the charts include;


  • Highlights exclusion zones, areas of concern, war, embargo and sea mines
  • Shows reporting zones and what to do if a ship enters such an area
  • Provides definitions of illegal activities such as piracy, terrorism, illegal fishing etc.
  • Contains localised advice for crews in the event of a threat, breach or attack
  • Includes an incident report form to allow crews to report threats or attacks and ensure a continuous cycle of sharing information
  • Shows secure anchorage areas
  • Defines reporting procedures and contact numbers/email addresses to Information Sharing Centres and help lines
  • Security information by region is in one easy to-use chart which is straightforward to understand as it displays well-known ADMIRALTY symbology

The complete range of ADMIRALTY Maritime Security Charts has been developed to enable mariners to carry out safe passage-planning in waters with identified security risks. The ‘Q’ range includes:


Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea (Chart number Q6099)

Mediterranean Sea (Chart number Q6110)

Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea (Chart number Q6111)

Karachi to Hong Kong (Chart number Q6112)

Andaman Islands to the Torres Strait, including Indonesia (Chart number Q6113)

West Africa including Gulf of Guinea (Chart number Q6114)

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