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Anniversary Barometer

The Anniversary Collection Barometer has a highly reliable and accurate double diaphragm German aneroid movement. Forged from solid brass that is hand polished and flawlessly lacquered, the distinctive collection barometer dial is intricately etched to create a subtle but rich pattern. Opening in the center of the dial allows you to see the intricate inner workings of the collection barometer. Each Anniversary Barometer is labeled with a unique serial number and a lifetime warranty.

The collection barometer is stunning on a boat or when used as an elegant mantle piece and is placed in Anniversary Wood Base (#107B). Complete instructions and mounting hardware for the collection barometer are included. The collection barometer features a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Highly reliable and accurate double diaphragm German aneroid movement
  • Displays both of the barometric scales; inches of mercury and millibars
  • Movement is temperature compensated and calibrated for altitudes up to 3500 feet above sea level
Dial: 5 1/4" (133 mm)
Base: 7" (178 mm)
Depth: 3 1/2" (89 mm)


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