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2011 Timber Deck Cargoes Code, 2012 Edition

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Language English
Media Book
Publisher International Maritime Organization
ISBN 9789280115499 9789280131086

2011 Timber Deck Cargoes Code, 2012 Edition

The Code of Safe Practice for Ships carrying Timber Deck Cargoes, 2011 (2011 TDC Code) was adopted by resolution A.1048(27) at the twenty-seventh session of IMO’s Assembly in November 2011. This Code revises and updates the previous Code adopted in 1991 by resolution A.715(17).

The 2011 TDC Code is non-mandatory and applies to all ships of 24 m or more in length carrying a timber deck cargo. The Code aims to ensure that stowage and cargo securing arrangements for timber deck cargoes enable a safe yet rational securing of the cargo so that it is satisfactorily prevented from shifting. 2011 TDC Code also includes alternative design principles, taking into account the acceleration forces cargo may be subjected to throughout the voyage.

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